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About workoholism just as bad as alcoholism

The concept of workaholism is just as bad as being addicted to alcohol. Are you a workaholic? It might be time to re-evaluate your priorities and put your family first.

Is workoholism just as bad as alcoholism?

In today's competitive world labor whether it is physical, mental or a bit of both is utilized to earn a living. This is otherwise known as working. There are companies and organizations who hire the labor of others so that the company may provide for their clients. There are many kinds of jobs, from being a simple manual laborer to being a space engineer or being the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational organization. Whereever we may stand as competitive human beings we always try to up our standard, whether it is to reach different heights in our careers or just upgrading from the old ford mustang to a 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

So what most of us do is work, work and work even more. Some of us get caught in drift and ignore ones life, family, friends etc. to work and up his/her standard. Ever heard of the term "married to work". Some make work their life. Working hard and trying to get promotions and coming up in life is a good and positive attitude. But some of us tend to overdo it.

Workaholism can be another Alcoholism if we get addicted to it. Addiction to anything as we all know is a bad thing. Maintaining with in the limit and working towards your goals should be the path which anyone should choose.

Work should not be our life. Work should be the means for living a good and enjoyable life. Most of us have forgotten the meaning of working. Why do we work? We work so that we can enjoy life. Work is the means for us to earn money from our labor and at the same time to up our standards and to be taken seriously by society as a providing citizen. It provides us the means to buy commodities and live our life in a comfortable way.

The main reason for a worker to become a workaholic is not being satisfied with what he/she has. Wanting to go higher in the corporate ladder and earn more and more. Amazing isn't it how the patterns of a workaholic matches the pattern of greed. Don't get me wrong, wanting to go up the corporate ladder or earning a little bit more is good, but it does not mean that your total concentration should be towards work. There are so many other things in life that can bring you happiness instead of material wealth or comfort. Simple things like having a nice family, going out with friends, gardening, taking care of your pets, watching a movie, walking in the rain and many more, the life is full of these small pleasures that will give you a life time of memories.

Work is a means towards having a happy life, work is not the happy life you want. So being competitive and wanting to upgrade your standard is good, but make sure that it does not end up being your life.

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