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Versatile Mom Blogger on Parenting
Wendie Tobin developed her straightforward, take no prisoners style of writing for her blogs Mommytopia, Well Honestly Now and Surviving Celiac. What began as a vehicle to express her vested interest in the advocacy of children with autism and personal challenges with food allergies, a wide demographic of readers found they could relate to her ironic sense of humor. Posts on the joys and woes of motherhood, self-realizations and a platform for her readers to ask advice are banded together with excruciatingly frank opinions.

Now as the Weekday Editor at Evil Beet Gossip, Wendie’s brutally honest dishing on celebrities, socialites and stars are at the mercy of her talent for acerbic wit, observations and anecdotes.
1. Apart from being known as a mom, how would you like our moms to know you?

I think it's important to be known as a woman who just happens to be a mom. Motherhood is certainly a critical element of my existence, but it is not all that I am. I'm a writer, a wife, and a woman who wants to make a difference on this planet. I swear, I make cake from a boxed mix, and I fail often. I don't want to ever forget all the parts that compose me.

2. Is there a true benefit for kids who have stay-at-home moms, versus a working mom?

I don't believe the benefit lies in which vocation a mom chooses. I believe children who have a happy mom benefit the most. For some women, that choice is to work out of the home and for some, it is to be at home. There are also many situations in which the mother doesn't have the choice. If a woman can find joy in her children and in the every day experiences, the child thrives. Period.

3. What's your secret to balancing career and family?

I have not mastered the balance yet. Sometimes it's tough to shut down my computer and cell phone and plug into my family when I still have so much work left to be done. I realize this deficiency and it's something I work on every day. As a work-at-home mom, I try to start work at 5:00 a.m. This gives me two hours of writing time before the kids wake up. I also try to do as much work as possible during their naptimes and school time.

4. Are there benefits of being a working mom who owns her own business, versus a working mom who is accountable to her employer?

There are both benefits and detriments to working for yourself. Obviously, it's wonderful to be able to work in my pajamas if it's just one of those days. Also, I'm able to adapt my schedule to the needs of my children and their schedules. The difficulty lies in discipline. Because I basically report to myself, I have to maintain structure and routine to keep my day on track. I often remind myself that if the work doesn't get done, the goals will never be achieved. That usually keeps me moving forward.

5. What advice would you give to working moms who are aspiring entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs who are aspiring moms?

Don't try to conquer all your goals at once. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish and come up with a plan on how to achieve the dream. Attack one task at a time. I knew I wanted to be a writer. I started as the Weekend Editor at Evil Beet Gossip, progressed to part-time weekdays, and now I work full-time as the Weekday Editor. In addition to that, I have a rapidly growing audience at my own sites, Mommytopia, Well Honestly Now and Surviving Celiac, and I'm working on my first book. It's been a step-by-step progression and I look forward to what's next.

6. What is the best thing moms can do when raising their children?

If you do nothing else, find joy in your children. Laugh and love, hug and kiss. It's something we cannot do enough. It's so easy to get lost in schedules and homework and everyday stress. Home-cooked meals and stylish clothes are wonderful, but I guarantee you, what your children will remember most is feeling loved. Kids who feel loved grow into adults who can recognize how healthy love is supposed to feel.

7. Any last words of advice for our mom audience?

It's like the song says: "These are the good old days." I am guilty of losing months at a time, consumed by my own stressors and life struggles. Instead of feeling exasperated about fingerprints on windows and little ones who won't go to bed on time, I'm choosing to embrace these days. I know that it's a matter of moments before I turn around and my kids will be grown and gone. It is absolutely critical for me to live in the immediate moment and cherish these charges that I've been blessed with. As many things as I wish to accomplish professionally, there will be time for all that. It must come second to the childhoods that are progressing right in front of my eyes.

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