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Top Bloggers: Mom & a Women’s Author
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Super Mom & a Women’s Author
Jane Green One of the founding writers behind the 'chick lit' phenomenon, Jane Green now writes novels that reflect the lives of real women today. Her fans love reading about the trials and tribulations that come with real life: from in-laws, motherhood, mid-life crises and loss, all told with Green's trademark warmth, wit and wisdom. Jane Green is the author of ten best-selling novels, including Jemima J, Second Chance, and The Beach House. Recent winner of a Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Fiction award and a native Londoner, she lives in Connecticut with her Beloved, and their five children. Visit her blog at http://www.janegreen.com/
1. How would you like to introduce yourself to our mom audience?

Author, Mother of (too) many, Wife, Friend, Cook, Gardener, all-round Superwoman. Hobbies: sleeping.

2. Do you have a particular message or lesson at the core of your novels?

The messages change with every book, but there is definitely a continuing theme of women on a journey to find happiness, and how happiness comes in many different forms.

3. What is the most difficult aspect of writing?

The hardest part is simply doing it. Writing requires tremendous amounts of discipline, and with six children, there are always other things that need to be done. I force myself to go to the library, and refuse to leave that desk until my quota of words is on the page.

4. What words of wisdom can you offer to help single parents feel a sense of confidence?

We, as women, are incredibly lucky to be able to create support systems for one another, and I think it vital to not be afraid of reaching out or asking for help. I try to do everything myself, but as a single mother, it was sometimes utterly overwhelming. When my twins had their tonsils out, I had them at home for over a week, up all night, and after a few nights I just cracked. Two of my friends turned up at my house and sent me out to get a manicure while they took care of the kids, and another friend showed up with her house keys, and announced she was sleeping over and babysitting my kids, and I was to go to her - kidless - house to get a good night's sleep. I will never forget that. Networks of people are crucial when you are on your own, and don't feel guilty about taking some time off for you, because we are all better mothers when we are rested and have some time off.

5. Many "Stay at home" moms feel isolated and lonely. What proactive steps can they take to help themselves overcome these feelings?

My phone often feels as if it weighs 250lbs, but it is important to make calls. Friendships require work, and phone calls, even if just to check in. None of us need a lot of friends, but we do need to nurture the ones we have, and make the time for them. I'm also a huge advocate of book groups - it doesn't matter what you read, it's the camaraderie that counts.

6. What tips would you give to any of our readers who want to become writers?

Just do it. Remember that anyone can start a book, but few can actually finish it; all it takes is a little bit of writing every day.

7. Any last words of advice for our mom audience?

We are all blessed to have these wonderful small people in our lives, but don't forget who YOU are, who you were before you became a mother. Make sure you make time for yourself, and for the people in your life that you love.

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