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About beat stress and practice relaxation

Find out if you can be a mom and be relaxed at the same time. While it may sound impossible, there are methods you can implement to be able to relax.

Finding ways to beat stress and practice relaxation

Stress is something we pile on every day. The pressure at work, at home, driving in traffic, social obligations. Trying to balance all of these will add to the stress we build up. Most of us carry the stress around and it piles up. The more stress we carry around the less effective we get and the chance for error gets higher. There are basically two kinds of stress build ups; long term and short term stress. Long term stress is where stress builds up over time due to the routines we have and we get short term stress due to difficult situations that we have to face. There are different ways we can relive our self from stress build ups.

Let's take the build up of short term stress. We build this kind of stress due to the tight situations that we tend to find ourselves in or just by driving in traffic. The first indication of a stress build up is when the muscles around the back of your neck gets tighter and then it moves towards your head and spine. A neck rub is the best way to loosen your self up; a hot shower will also get you some relief. As we all know caffeine is a good stress reliever and it helps you stay awake. The best source of caffeine we all get is coffee. As I always say the best way to relax after a hard days work is to have a good family dinner. It will help you forget the tough day at work but it will relax you in a way so that you will have a good night's sleep.

Long term stress build up is mostly because of the tough schedules we have. To get rid of this you're definitely going to have to change a bit of your routine. A full body massage is a great way to rid you of stress. A full body massage will loosen your muscle up and make you feel comfortable, relaxed and refreshed. Go out with friends or family, go on a road trip, do some shopping (that is if shopping is your thing), just stay home and sleep the whole day etc. what ever you do it should make you feel comfortable, you should enjoy what you're doing. Everyone has their own way of unwinding so figure out what helps you to relax.

No matter what you do stress is some thing that will keep coming back. Figure out a remedy that will relive you of your stress. As I mentioned before each person reacts differently towards different relaxation techniques, figure out things that you can do to relax yourself. Knowing how to relive yourself of stress is very important because once you get rid of the stress build up you will feel fresh and confident and will be able to go the extra mile to get the job done.

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