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About your best family cruise

Taking a vacation is a great way to spend time together. Take the best famiy cruise around. It will give you great memories to think of as the kids get older, and also time to share and bond as a family.

What is your best family cruise?

Have you been looking forward towards spending some quality time with your family? And you want take your entire family some place so that the entire family can have loads and loads of fun. If you have done this kind of thing before then most probably you want to go some place where you haven't gone before. Do you like lots and lots of water? Well most of us do, don't we? Well then a cruise in a ship will be the ideal change of pace you and your family need.

If you're planning on a cruise make sure that you plan it well. Here are some basic tips that you need to look out for.

Make sure about size and place of the stateroom, as well as the guardrails on the bunk-beds.

There are ships that have cabins which can sleep up to five, ships with adjacent cabins and some that offer special charges for the second cabin for teenagers.

Also remember to keep a check on medical services. There are certain ships that bar women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy.

Also double check about the documentation needed for children (ID, etc.). This is very important especially when your child maybe crossing borders and in a situation where only a single birth parent accompanies on the trip.

Be safe than sorry. You may never know if a need arises for a change of plans, e.g. Due to a bout of chicken pox. Be sure that you double check things like cancellation fees, fees for changing dates etc.

heck for Kids Programs and be sure they're running on the dates of your trip!

Keep a look out for any kids programs and if they're available on the days of your trip!

A longer trip (10 days or more), the older the passengers, and it's less likely that there will be many kids.

At best a 7 day trip would be the solution; 3-4 day trips sometimes get a "party hard-y" crowd.

Make sure about whether bay sitting services are available. These maybe usually offered at an hourly rate.

Some cruise ships can be quite expensive. So always check with your budget. Here are some heads up tips on how you can manage with the amount your willing to spend.

Gratuities. Inquire about common policies of your ship.

Sodas: it's a good idea to have these with you. (Soda packages) with you. Reason being that they don't usually come free. (Same applies to bar drinks as well!)

Shore excursions. An important fact to keep in mind is that it's possible to do exploring by yourself instead of paying for tours.

Infant care- this is another important aspect as it maybe in your best interest to employ a baby-sitter. e.g. the Flounders Nursery doesn't come free on Disney ships

A cruise can be extra fun if you get every thing organized in the proper manner. Never wait till the last moment to get things organized. Make sure that you check with different services before you sign up. This way you will know which cruse ship provides the best service for you.

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