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Does your family always come first?

Does your family always come first? Well this can be a tricky question. Juggling your professional life and your family life can be quite a balancing act. Many of you who read this article will start thinking straight away where you stand and where your family stands. The answer to this, you should know by now.

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Family Life Today: Bizymoms provides useful information and resources about money management, parenting and activity ideas to improve your family life today.

The importance of savings for children
Saving as we all know is a good habit that many of us do not have. The ones who usually save tend to stack it away in safety deposit boxes, bonds, bank accounts, invest it in stocks etc. Most of these methods are good ways to ensure that your money is safe. Some methods pay you back interest wise or percentage wise (as in stocks). This is also a good way to stack away your money so when you take out the money you get to take out more than you saved. Once people get married most of them plan on having kids. If you are one of those who plan on having kids then, congratulations, you have made a wise decision. But bringing up a kid is not some thing you should take lightly. The entire future of that child is in your hand. I'm not trying to intimidate you or put you down in any way. I'm just giving you the cold hard truth.  Read More
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Shopping is something that we all do. In order for us to live our life comfortably we need to buy goods and services. When talking about the goods that we buy, we have the priority goods like food, clothing etc. then we have the secondary goods like appliances, furniture, and other commodities that we want. Life as you know is a balancing act. You need to balance between work life and private life. You need to balance you budget, your weight, your mind, your body, the people you choose to spend time and so on. Like wise you need to balance you check book. Balancing a check book is some thing most of us have to do. How many times have you...
Budgeting as we all know is a very important part of any person's life; that is unless you have tons and tons of money and can afford to buy just about anything. For the rest of the people who are less fortunate budgeting remains a way of life. Most of us grow up with a limited amount of pocket money to spend. All human beings grow up, learn through education to find a respectable job and then try and make a living. We earn so that we may spend it and live a comfortable life. But it is impossible to live alone in this world. Humans are social creatures and we all have social obligations. So each time we get a salary or we get some..
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