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About key to living a better family life

Family is one of the most, if not the most important part of life. It's important to always strive for better family life in order to live a balanced life.

Key to living a better family life

The world as we all know is not a bed of roses. Some times it's a rat race and most of the time the rules of the jungle that apply tend to come to the city; that is to eat or be eaten. From the moment we are capable of understanding the basic functions of this world we are trained to strive for excellence. To get a good job, loads of money, cars, a nice place to live in, get married and have a couple of kids etc. etc. The problem is even though sometimes we are lucky enough to get most of these things we end up feeling incomplete and unsatisfied.

As another example take a look at the life of the rich and famous. They tend to have anything that money can buy except happiness. They have too many external commitments. Just having lots of money and a fancy wardrobe will only take you that far.

For some who strive to get a little bit more tend to live a life for work. Some completely ignore their families just so they have a chance of getting a nice office with fancy furniture. Don't take me wrong striving for excellence and giving every thing you have is a good thing. But it should be balanced with your personal life as well.

There are those who tend to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done. This is also good in the spirited sense of the way. But most tend to over do it and try to take out the competition with any means necessary so that you will come out on top.

Having material commodities is a good thing but first you need to get your life balanced. How can one do this you might ask? Well it's not that easy. It takes time and practice. If you're a family person then this gets even tougher.

Let's say for the moment that you don't have a family (when I mean no family I mean that yo are still not married). This should make things much easier. Balance your life with work and home. Make sure you complete your work with in the work hours. Then you will have more time for you. This is very important. Personal grooming helps build self confidence and will make you feel like you can do anything. Work out whenever you can. Hang out with you friends. Apart from that, having a meal with your entire family at least once a day is a very good habit to have. You get to know your family better and you can keep them updated about you.

Create goals; they should not be too big so that you will get intimidated and then eventually lose self confidence. If you have an aim in life make sure to set small goals leading towards it. The goals should be ones that you can pass without a major effort. Each time you pass a goal that you set your confidence level will reach the sky.

If you're married and have kids then you're going to have to do a major juggling act. Spending time with your family is very important. Don't take it as a chore; make sure you like spending time with your family. If not you have some major issues that you need to talk with your psychiatrist. Figure out some thing you like to do and make it a hobby. This will relieve your stress and will make you feel calm and relaxed.

The most important thing or "the key to living a balanced life" is to be at peace with yourself. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you doing the best you can? The answer for the first question does not matter as long as the answer for the second question is yes. If you are doing the best you can in every way then you have nothing to worry. You might get frustrated some times when you fall short, but you will always know that you gave a 100%. As I said before being happy with yourself is the most important thing. So start by doing things you like to do, then people will start to feel comfortable around you. The things you need to will be easier to do and much more fun and without even knowing you will be on your way to a balanced and happy life.

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