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Make it a Family Affair!
If your child wants to learn to play basketball, may I suggest you join in the learning process and make it a family affair?  It can be great fun for all. I don’t mean trying to learn the ....
Boys to Men, Girls to Women
This story applies especially to boys, but also to girls. I’m aware of a wonderful teacher of boys by the name of Joe Ehrmann.  He was a star professional football player for the Baltimore....
Help Your Kids Go All Out for Something!
Sports can teach us a lot.  As a mom, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to help your child develop and mature.  In our culture, sports has a high place in terms of helping kids ge....
Basketball and Self Image
 I just reviewed my Profile page on Bizymoms and noticed it says “His articles for Bizymoms will focus on the self image and self esteem aspects of sports.”  So, I thought I&rsqu....
Teaching your kids how to attain excellence in anything!
I would think that Mom’s are interested in how their child(ren) can grow into a fully functioning human being, full of life, confidence, joy.  This little understanding might help you guide....
The possible “Stages” of learning a new skill.
Many years ago I saw a wonderful magician named Doug Henning.  He did the most wonderful magic tricks.  And he did them unlike any magician I had ever seen ...  in flowing robes. His tr....
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