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You Best Home School Year
Welcome to your best home school year! “What?” you say, “How do you know that?” Well, I know you can choose right now to make this your best home school year. Circumstances com....
Is it a Processing Problem
Parents contacts us every day and tell us their concerns, “My child has such a hard time staying on task.” Another complains that spelling is just not sticking no matter how many times the....
The Power to Forgive
“I’m sorry, I was wrong, will you forgive me? Yes, I forgive you.” These words were first taught to me in a class I took in 1982 and they changed my life. It’s easy to say yo....
The Heart of the Homeschool Family
What is the Home Education Culture? Each of these statements is based upon the premise that home education is in many ways a “counter culture” to much of modern American society . Perhaps....
Dream Givers
If we cannot dream God’s dreams on this planet, we are without hope. God gives us inspiration and ideas through pictures and dreams in our minds and spirits. These images help propel us to imagi....
Tell me again, why am I doing this?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your choice to home educate your children? When you feel like whimpering as you see a great women’s daytime Bible study beginning in the center of your home sch....
Congratulations Home Educators!
We made it! We are entering our last quarter of the school year. Doesn’t it feel great to complete the course each year? I recommend that you look hard at what is REALLY important to complete ri....
How to study a piece of fiction
Write the title of the book and the author. At the top of the page. Read about the author and write one sentence describing the author. Read the story together. It is fine for the parent to do most....
Four Pillars of Family Friendships
The most wonderful benefit of being a home school families is our closeness. Families who develop initmacy during the home school years enjoy the fruits for the rest of their lives. Here are some key ....
Simply Successful Schooling Strategy
While working with young students and struggling students who seemed to be very confused or frustrated, I  discovered a method of teaching which never failed. Sadly, this system is almost never t....
How to Walk in Wisdom in a Museum or Zoo
Dear Parents and Children, Here is some wise advice as you enter into places where the bible is not regarded as the truth. Before you look at  museum and zoo exhibits, remember to put your God....
Life beyond Home School
For over twenty years, I have been watching wonderful home school graduates enter life. Many times I have wished I had more ideas for them to help the students to enter into the big broad world. There....
Cultivating Wonderful Writers
Writing for some students is a joy, while too many children see it is a burden. To cultivate a writing gift in your child, we just begin with words. Talk-Talk-Talk: Speaking skills are your first w....
How do I grade my child’s writing assignments?
Writing can be a very subjective area to grade. Over the years we have found it best to grade writing on three levels. Content: Here we score completion of the assignment. Are all parts  p....
GDD: Symptoms and Solutions
When I walk in the slums of India, I see something in the children’s eyes that captures my heart. Though their faces may be smudged with the dirt of the streets, their eyes sparkle with hope. Th....
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