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Prioritizing Work At Home: Should You Work On The Weekends?

Work at home on the weekends; I bet you are already thinking no way! Well, it really depends on your current situation. What is your schedule like during the week? Do you have small children with you during the week? Are you a single Mom?

Let's look at the subject of working on the weekend from various perspectives.

For me, I have nobody with me during the week days, so I am free to work as much as I choose. Do I work on weekends? I try my best not to. I like spending time with my family and friends or I spend the weekends doing my household chores.

Now, this would be totally different for a work at home mom that has small children under foot during the week days.

Let's say a work at home mom is married with 2 very small children at her side every week day. That would be quite a challenge for this mom to get her work done. Well, what does her husband do on the weekends? Maybe he would take the kids and spend time with them leaving mom free time to get her online tasks checked off. Wouldn't it make sense for this home worker to work on the weekends? It would if that was the only time in which she could get it done. Also this would be the time when she would have the least interruptions.

Many home workers simply enjoy and choose working weekends. It really does depend on your schedule, lifestyle, and your situation. Are you really sociable? Do you have a lot of friends you hang out with? Do you have a big family and often have family get togethers? For folks like these, they may want to work strictly during the week.

Maybe you're a single work at home mom with small children. This poses a challenge and you would work anytime that you had the chance, and if it meant weekends, so be it. If it meant evenings, so be it. You would work whenever you had the chance to get specific tasks completed.

Laboring over the weekend could certainly be to your advantage. Working extra hours could bring you more profits. If this is the case and you need the extra cash, I say "Go for it."  If working on the weekends doesn't benefit you at all, then I suggest not putting in those additional hours.

One last tip: Prioritizing is crucial when working at home and trying to get in some family time. You need to prioritize and set yourself up with a reasonable schedule, separating work life and home and family life. Both are important. Try and make out a weekly schedule and stick with it. If you are a home worker and are free to work during the week as much as you like, it only makes sense that you spend the weekend resting at some point (everyone needs a break), or spending it with family. If you have no other choice but to work on weekends, then try and set aside evenings to get in some family time.  

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