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Work At Home Mom Scam Prevention Tips : Work At Home Scams

Everyday innocent victims are so easily losing hefty sums of cash to work at home scams. That in itself is sad enough. But what is even worse, these scammers are continuing to get away with it and they are growing wiser at scamming these desperate work at home job searchers. It's a well-known fact that work at home moms are the largest scammed group of people on the Internet.

What a lot of people don't realize is there are specific red flags to look for when trying to weed out these scams. When you've been around the work at home block a time or two, you learn what to look out for and how to prevent scam.

Below are the top sure signs of work at home scams

1) What do stay at home moms usually see when starting their search for a home job position? Well, if you're new to the Internet, then you will most likely see ad titles such as "Work From Home: Earn Instant Cash!" Or maybe this infamous title, "Data Entry From Home--Earn $5,000 Per Day!" We see these types of ads plastered all over the place every single day. This is the number one sign of a royal scam and is the most evident. These ads say they guarantee you huge amounts of cash in a very short time. If these were genuine job opportunities, everyone would be rich, and the words "real work from home" wouldn't exist.

2) No experience or resume needed. Now doesn't it stand to reason that a genuine employer would be looking for someone with specific skills in order to do the required job? Now, there are some work at home companies that do train you on-the-job. These are rare, but there are a few out there. Most times, you will be required to have certain skills and a resume will be required of you. There are more and more legitimate online companies popping up that hire homeworkers everyday. And the first thing that these employers usually look for is "How can this homeworker help me?" "What skills do they have?" They want to know upfront, how you can benefit their company.

So, if the first thing you see when searching for a home job is "No Experience or Resume Necessary!" Take a closer look, these are usually scams. Again there are some companies that offer free training and require you to physically attend their company until your training is complete. Then the opportunity of telecommuting (workiing at home) is offered. These are genuine jobs.

3) Companies that require start up or registration fees are always scams. Also look out for those sites that require a fee for a list of companies that hire homeworkers. However, keep in mind that there are certain fees required of some work at home jobs such as fees for a headset for customer service, a foot pedal for transcription work, and also fees for background checks with jobs that deal with secure or sensitive information. These fees are all legitimate and may be required of you if you are searching for work at home.

4) What if you can't find company contact information such as, a working email address or phone number? Well, let's ask ourselves something pertaining to a legitimate company looking to hire someone. How are these employers going to interact with you if they are seriously on the look out for telecommuters? Where do you send your resume to? I think that asnwers the first question right there.

If an online company doesn't provide adequate contact information, you can bet it's a scam. These employers are seriously needing your help and genuinely want to hear from you.   

How not to become a victim

  • Take heed to the above 4 top signs of scams and continually watch out for them
  • Do your research. Look the company in question up at the Better Business Bureau. You can also type the name of the company into Google and the word "scam" behind it. By doing this, you will find out anything negative or scammy about them.
  • Join message forums and other social networks and ask any questions you may have about a specific company. If they are work at home forums and networks, you should have no problem in obtaining the information you need.
  • Look the company up at the Federal Trade Commision. The web address of this is www.ftc.gov/

By following the tips and watching out for the top signs of scams outlined above, you should be able to help prevent yourself from being a scam victim.


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