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3 Easy Telecommuting Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Work at home jobs is every Mom's dream, but many will tell you that telecommuting jobs are hard to find and it may take you months or maybe longer to find the right home position for yourself.  Well, that may be true for jobs such as customer service positions, transcription jobs, and the like. But I'm about to tell you about 3 of the easiest work at home jobs for Moms to find.

First let's define the word "telecommute"

Telecommuting is a convenient home based working arrangement between employers and employees enjoying the freedom of work locations and times. You work where and when you want to.  

The following types of telecommute jobs are more readily available to work at home job seekers.

  • Blogger Jobs
  • Article Writers
  • Virtual Assistants


It's simple.Working at home is becoming an increasingly popular option. Let's think about this, what does this mean for you? Work at home Moms are busy creating websites, blogs, forums, and other social networks. The niches vary. We are seeing recipe types of sites, women's support groups, work at home, web design, and others. And the more established these sites become, naturally the more assistance their owners will need. Often times, home business owners find time to be an issue and the result is outsourcing, meaning hiring someone else to do the work.

These webmasters are currently needing people to answer emails, submit newsletters and articles, moderate forums, make website updates, and even write content for them. The writing could be in the form of blog posts, articles, newsletter content, press releases, and the list could easily go on and on. You get the picture.

So now you can see where the jobs as bloggers, article writers, and virtual assistants come in. Now for the writing and blogging jobs, you certainly need a bit of writing, english, and grammar skills. You will need to take this into consideration. 

The best ways to go about finding these jobs is to do some searching on online message forums, blogs, and the various other social network sites. Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook has become quite popular and they are great places to meet other like-minded people.

You can also find writing and blogging jobs at the below website.


If you especially like to write and you don't mind assisting others, a home based job may be easier to find than you may think. But you need to put yourself out there where these jobs exist. These jobs are not going to magically appear in front of you. Visit forums, blogs, and other social network sites and ask questions about what type of work you are looking for. Really get to know others and socialize and by doing so, you will get others to trust you and feel confident in hiring you. Also after doing this type of work for some time, you may feel comfortable enough to spread your wings and be working for multiple business owners to sufficiently supplement your income.

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