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Work at Home Moms Networking

If you're a Mom and involved in a work at home opportunity, then networking with others should be of the utmost importance to you.

First of all, just to clarify: Business networking is making connections with others and building relationships. It means getting to know others through conversations online. It could be on message forums, blogs, Twitter, or any other social networks. When you get to know other home business owners, you can share your ideas, tips, advice and also ask any questions you may have.  Networking also means being helpful to others and offering your assistance whenever possible. While networking online, you are earning trust from other work at home professionals. People are more inclined to purchase from and do business with someone they know and trust. 

Acquiring a taste for proper networking online with others is so crucial for any business. If you don't associate with other home business owners in this way, you seriously need to add it to your daily repertoire. It's really not that hard, and getting to know others especially within your niche, can only help grow your business. Isn't that what we all strive for?   

Below are the top 3 places you will find Moms networking

Message Boards: These are the perfect places for networking and finding Moms sharing their opinions, ideas, advice, and tips. You will always find marketing business tips being discussed on message forums/boards. Marketing savvy networkers as well as newbies are all welcomed. These are the places to learn, ask questions, and seek advice. There are also sections for just plain chatting, getting to know other Moms, and having fun.

Twitter: Twitter is an excellent medium where you can connect with others within your niche. Exchanging tweets can be a business environment (as it should be), but also it can be fun and just getting to know other Moms like you. It's important to be selective on who you follow on Twitter. Follow others who have your same interests and niche. Don't follow every Tom Dick, and Harry, or Jane and Cindy for the sake of following just to keep them following you. You want good quality followers that you can relate and connect with and to establish a good business relationship. This is good business tactics, so be careful who you follow and also who follows you. Quality followers are what you should strive for, not quantity.

Blogs: Blogs are excellent networking tools as well. Blogs are used for business opportunities, telecommuting, parenting, home cooking and recipes, and the list can go on and on. Moms are also found on their personal blogs. They talk about their personal thoughts, goals, and just fun things and events in general. Personal blogging can be a great stress reliever. But business blogs are the most popular with Moms. Blogging is the perfect tool for incorporating and sharing knowledge about your business and also perhaps establishing a joint business relationship. If you own a blog, it's imperative to keep it updated regularly. Subscribe or follow other Mommy blogs that pertain to your business and support them by commenting often. This is just another great way of getting and keeping your business name out there.

Your business is what networking is all about. The above 3 mentioned places is where working Moms like you meet, share, inspire, and motivate.


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