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Does Your Family Support You Working From Home?

I can remember a time when my husband didn't support me 100% with working at home. He thought all there was online were scams. Indeed, there are plenty of them that clutter the Internet, but there are reputable opportunities online as well and I wanted to prove my point. And that point was "finding a legitimate way to make money from home, for real."

I was able to do just that; prove my point. And today, I'm successful at what I do and also helping others accomplish the same thing along my journey. It feels wonderful to be able to make money and help others achieve their online dream at the same time.

Have you just started out with a new business and finding that your family isn't supporting you? That's a challenging situation to be in. If so, you'll need to actually show your family that you're making money. If you're not making money yet, you need to show them your plan that will get you earning and how it is going to work. Sit down with your husband or children, (or both), and have a family meeting and have a heart to heart talk. Let your needs be known. 

It's a blessing if you have a highly supportive family with what you do from home. Their support is what gets you through the tough times, and we all have them. If you are having a slow day and things aren't going so well, your family is supposed to be there for you to encourage you to work harder.

If this is simply not happening with your business, here are a few tips that may help.  

  • Get your family involved with your business. Your children especially will love being a part of something so important in your life.
  • Tell your family to give you a time frame in which to be actively making money.
  • For example: If you are not making money in 6 months or a year, you will give the home business up and look for an outside job.
  • Show your family how others are achieving success at working at home. This one usually works and gets your husband and kids on your side.

I know I would not be working from home today if it wasn't for my husband's and son's support. They show their support to me in so many ways.

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