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10 Work At Home Moms Tips For Marketing On The Web

To be a success as a work at home mom, you need a well organized marketing plan. It's important to strive to have a plan that has the potential to provide a long-term source of income for you.

If you've been working at home for awhile and you own a website, then you already know to build a content rich site with a specific target audience in mind. So very important, this is the very first step you need to take before putting together a concise marketing plan.

Your next step is to decide on how and where you will market your business. Aside from building your website, the "how and where" is the most crucial to your business and success.

The best places I've received favorable results from are message forums, article directories, Twitter, and blogs. Remember though, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. You'll have to find that out for yourself through experience.

Below Are 10 Marketing Tips I've Learned Through Trial And Error

1.) Don't make the mistake of filling your website with affiliate links and Google ads without any valuable information. Consistently add useful content to your site so that people will want to visit time and time again. People are looking for real content.

2.) Be sure and get a feel of a message forum and find out what it's all about before joining. It's best to join forums where you connect with others who will share your interests and business goals.

3.) You don't have to pay for advertising to achieve marketing success. There are plenty of free online methods to market your website or business such as; email signatures, blogging, press releases, forums, article marketing, and many more. Make google.com your best friend and do plenty of research.

4.) Remember, in most cases it takes several clicks on your site or product before you actually get the sale. Be consistent, patient, and find the right marketing formula that works for you and stick with it.

5.) Usually you will get better results with links rather than banners/buttons on a website. Often times, a person finds big, flashy, animated banner ads annoying and will exit your site.  

6.) Your traffic will be more inclined to click on a short anchor text rather than a long one. Also a short anchor text will rank much faster in the search engines for your related keyword.

7.) Use blogs to your advantage, visit your favorites often, and make useful comments. Don't spam your link within the body of your comments on blogs. You have the option of having your URL linked with your name.

8.) When frequenting message forums, use specific keywords (related to your website) in your signature file.

9.) Try and stay as organized as possible with your daily tasks. I usually have a list for the day's work schedule waiting in front of me each morning which helps me out tremendously.

10.) Network with others that share the same niche, interests, and business sense. Connect with these people (daily if possible) and build business relationships.


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