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Poem Crazy Two
Hello Bizymoms.   I’m glad to be here with you.  By now you have a journal or are on your way to buying one today or tomorrow!   Remember, the journal needs to be small ....
Poemcrazy 3 - Molten Mom Moment
I just found a small blue-handled scissors on a walk.  I’m placing it in a drawer in my bathroom near my tub.  I keep scissors and tape everywhere so that I can clip out photos and bit....
Poemcrazy 4 - Choose a Color
Yesterday in a writing workshop, a poet named Kathryn propped a grayish-blue notebook on the desk  and asked us to write, This notebook is blue like…AND AGAIN, This notebook is blue like&h....
Comparison and Metaphor
Hello busy moms.  For fun, and to begin to learn more about comparison and metaphor,take any colorful object around you and go wild comparing the color to other things.This will help you see a bi....
I'm finally learning how much the quality of each day in my life is up to me.  I've decided, as much as possible, to find a way to celebrate more often.  I'm going to do my best to declare e....
Poemcrazy 6 - About Love
Last night I heard someone reading a poem that had alternating lines What I love about love What I hate about love What I love about love What I hate about love Give this a try. First go to som....
Poemcrazy 7 - Taking our Names Apart
Kids love to dismantle things, pull everything out of cupboards.  As adults, especially as moms, we're forever trying to "hold it all together."  Let's play a bit with the idea of ....
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