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Aloha mai e Kakou.  Welcome to all of you.  I am a Kupakaaina of Hawaii, Mokupuni ‘O Kakuhihewa, one who has sprouted from this land.  My roots run deep in the lo’i of Haw....
Start the Honolulu Journey
I don’t want these stories to appear fragmented.  I’m hoping that I can establish some kind of continuity in the things that I want to share over the months ahead of us.  I can f....
The Waikiki Aquarium......and the setting sun
Before we venture beyond Waikiki I think there are some interesting places right here that I want to share with you. Prior to the arrival of the ali’i from Tahiti were some people we know of o....
A Walk Through Waikiki
Aloha mai kakou. Welcome to all of you. Rather than driving today why don’t we take a walk through the streets of Waikiki along Kalakaua Avenue. Waikiki is in the Ahupua’a of Waikiki whi....
Ride to Waikiki
Aloha mai  kakou.  Welcome to Hawaii.  You are at the Honolulu International Airport.  Normally as a visitor you would try to find your way to the baggage claim and retrieve your....
Pick a number
We have a storytelling tradition in our family called “age stories.” Simple premise–-the kids pick an age, and I tell about something that happened to me at that age. It’s beco....
The Arrival
Here we are readying ourselves for our long awaited vacation to Hawaii.  I will take you on a tour that most visitors never had an opportunity of experiencing.  I will be your tour guide.&....
Honolulu Today is Much Like the Cities you are From
ur Honolulu today is much like the cities you are from.   I am sure however that we all travel not just to take a break from the routine chores of our daily lives but to find something diffe....
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