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My Dad is Better Than Your Dad
I've recently come across a new TV Show called "My dad is better than your dad" and I thought - cool something about dads and kids. After seeing ....
Nappy Rash
Well nappy rash isn’t a very aesthetic looking thing and the only problem being it must be painful rubbing up against her skin and the nappy! So we have a few options, and since we found  o....
Who The Hell Would Want a Teenager
My saving grace as the father of an 11 month old girl is that she isn't a teenager, and I know my time will come. But why do we worry about that so much for?? I hear these horror stories, and what goe....
Looking After a Sick Toddle
We've been very lucky with our little man when it comes to illnesses - he has hardly been sick in the first 14 months of his life. So I guess a health issue had to happen at some point and it happe....
You've lost the loving feeling??
When my little girl was born I remember having this feeling of - "oh having sex the next time is going to be weird" I don’t know why I felt like that it was a case of having a baby ....
How did I feel when I first saw my child?
How did I feel when I first saw my child? This is a question that I get asked lots by new parents and not always fathers either. I will admit to anyone that before Pyper was born, I spent a lot of th....
How quickly they change
How quickly they change.... Having a 14 month old little lady brings about it some more challenges, gone are the days of her being a baby, she is moving into toddler-hood and then into adolescence ....
The importance of all-male parenting groups
Over the last few months I have been involved in several all-male (or all-dad to be precise) groups to talk about parenting. Why all-male … does it matter? Yes it does. Running these groups for....
Safety with Children
Well I have started to really take Pyper to the play ground where there are lots of little swings and slides, they are just big enough for her to think she is a lot bigger than she in fact really is!!....
Xmas Day
Xmas day I think when you have a 17 month old is a very tough time especially this year when there is a “financial squeeze” on, and really as a father I think you need to reflect on what i....
The Good Old Adage of Toilet Training
The good old adage of toilet training, I was hoping to miss with having to teach Pyper but it seems not, because I stand up to pee like most guys Pyper always comes rushing and likes to look at me doi....
Well Today was a Little different for a Monday
  Well today was a little different for a Monday, since my wife usually has Monday’s off she said “I’m taking Pyper on the bus today” hmm great I thought – I hate ....
Today we Have a New Llittle Girl
  Today we have a new little girl – Alison Pyper Holst – yes that is correct my little girl is now a chef, she is making Fairy Cakes, it was already prepared in a packet and all we h....
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