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Wolves Kill Coyotes
Wolves and coyotes don't get along well and Jeff Kelly from Lowell, Michigan saw a perfect example of that while deer hunting in the Upper Peninsula’s north Marquette County on November 18 one y....
Snake Sex
My wife, Lucy, thinks Mackinac Island is romantic, so we usually spend a day or two there during May for either our anniversary or her birthday. The island is in northern Lake Huron near St. Ignace, M....
Wildlife Tracks and Wetlands
Imagine a photograph with a wild coyote, bobcat, black bear, raccoon and raven all in the same frame. Such an image would be unique, but impossible to get since the animals would not tolerate each oth....
Charged By A Moose
A serious battle between a pair of adult bull moose that was witnessed by Richard Giotto from Ishpeming, Michigan on October 4 one year set the stage for what would be one of the most serious charges ....
Owl and Mouse
“Do you want to photograph an owl,” a teenage cousin of mine asked when I answered the telephone on the afternoon of March 20th. “What kind is it,” I wanted to know. &ldq....
Grizzly Bears Do Climb Trees
You may have heard that grizzly bears don't climb trees. I found out that simply isn't true while on a summer visit to Alaska's Katmai National Park, during which I saw and photographed two different ....
Wolf of a Different Kind
What do you do when a wolf likes people? Not as an item on their menu, but likes to be around them and isn’t afraid of them, perhaps in the hopes of being fed. Wolves aren’t like that are ....
Whooping Crane Sightings Guaranteed
The International Crane Foundation grounds at Baraboo, Wisconsin is the only place where members of the public are guaranteed to see whooping cranes in their natural environment. And, as a bonus for t....
Surprising Wolf Encounter
While modern day attacks on humans by wolves in the lower 48 states may be undocumented, that is not true in Canada. At least one person, a 22-year-old man, who was staying at a remote mining camp, wa....
Porcupine Kills Bear
It might sound strange that a small, slow moving mammal like a porcupine could kill a much larger animal like a black bear, but there’s at least one example of this happening that was documented....
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