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High On Ceilings: How They Affect Our Moods
The next time you walk into a room with high ceilings, notice how you feel. Chances are just being in a room that has vaulted ceilings will give you a feeling of freedom and beckon creativity. This i....
Feng Shui's Timeless Decorating Style
Whether you're a fan of Feng Shui or not, one thing is certain, the uncluttered, natural style remains popular throughout the decades. Feng shui means wind and water and the décor represents a....
What to Do When Your House Isn't Selling
Many sellers are finding that their homes are sitting on the market and that's making them wonder what to do when their houses aren't selling. The slowdown in the real estate market is causing lots o....
Help! My Home Isn't Selling!
It's been a tough year for many sellers and now we're nearing the end of the year and the holidays when traditionally real estate sales start to slow way down. However, that doesn't mean that if your....
Buying Real Estate With Your 401(k)
It’s a concept that’s been around for decades, yet many people don’t even know they can buy real estate using their 401(k) or IRA. If you’re a business owner and have no emp....
How To Find The Best Neighborhood
We have all heard the “L” word used in real estate—location, location, location! But many buyers still forget or simply just don’t do their homework and then get stuck in an un....
Promote Your Home's Walk - Ability
Even though there has recently been a drop in gasoline prices, many consumers are still looking for a way to get around and save money. If you’re in the market to buy a home, knowing how close s....
Show Your Home Without the Furry Friends
I am a pet lover. In fact, I have had several cats and currently own a dog, but when it comes to selling a home—the four-legged friends must go! There’s no way around this. When you ha....
Keep Money in Your Pocket with Home Energy-Saving Tips
I just returned from Michigan where the temperature was about 25 degrees, that’s truly freezing for a San Diego native! While I was there I looked at quite a few homes that have double doors....
New Housingólower priced, smaller but still buyers wait for more
Tight economic times have caused homeowners to start looking for smaller homes. The McMansions that were on the rise just a few years ago are being scaled down. The new theme in homes is less is more.....
Buyer Advantages in 2009
If you’re renting, now may be an excellent time to make the move into homeownership. Home prices are more affordable now than in years, interest rates remain low, there is plenty of inventory on....
Why Investing in Real Estate is Good Option and How Solo 401(k) Can Help
With so many investments tanking in our ailing economy, many people are wondering what options are left. There are actually many—see more in my upcoming book, www.UnlimitedInvesting.com.You can ....
Outdoor Living Creates Comfort and Adds Value
As the weather warms up and people start spending more time outside, many homeowners start thinking about making some changes to their homes that maximizes their square footage by turning the outdoors....
Real Estate Making a Comeback? What Savvy Investors Do Even in a Slump
Do you keep hearing the buzz? The “Now’s-a good-time-to-buy pitch?” Well, how about this thought—even when the market took a dive, savvy investors knew that didn’t mean i....
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