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The Powerful Procreative Drive
The procreative drive to have children does not begin or end when a couple has sex. All of the thinking, courting and planning are aspects of this natural drive to reproduce. Both genders have a parti....
Why Does Having Children Add More Stress For Women?
What we do with our time is no longer optional Earning a steady income is not optional because there are mouths to feed and bodies to clothe and care for Important conversations keep g....
Women Don't Stop Being Compelled at the Time of Birth
The procreative drive keeps going for women long after her husband rolls over and goes to sleep. A newborn human child is the most complex and precious of God’s creation and needs special attent....
Helping a friend with the loss of a child or spouse
Isn’t it interesting that our heart is the most powerful and delicate part of us, all at the same time? When our heart is filled with joy or passion it seems like no obstacle can stand in our wa....
Never Give Up
Over the years I have met with countless individuals and couples who were facing challenges they thought they could never overcome. In most cases they thought the best they could do was ride out the s....
Money and marriage
There is an assumption that money impacts marriage relationships, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. That may be true for marriages that are shallow materialistic marriages but it is not tr....
Love in Marriage
Love in marriage is the expectation we all have when we first get married but the truth is it takes on a new meaning for many couples after a few or more years of marriage. I have met with a few coupl....
Marriage Help For Love Starved Women
Understanding intimacy One of the big reasons folks get married is so they will have a lifetime of loving companionship. But if you start to feel emotionally separated from your husband due to work l....
How to evaluate marriage counselors
Marriage counseling is a noble profession. Marriage professionals who truly understand marriage can help you realize your dreams of marital happiness. Unfortunately there are at least as many professi....
Divorce Fears
If you are thinking about divorce and live in the San Diego area I could tell you who might be the best attorney to use if things are hostile; or who are the best mediators to use if you can resolve y....
Naughty ways to improve your marriage
Most people think their marriage is fine because they don’t know any better. A friend of mine was telling me about his sister and brother in-law squabbling all the time, and making huge problems....
Can Tiger Woods and Elin be happily married?
All the press about Tiger Woods and his wife Elin is focused on details that should make no difference whatsoever to us. It is the same way we view fires or other natural and unnatural disasters. ....
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