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Hello to all of the Bizymoms
Hello to all of the Bizymoms. My expertise is in the area of surf culture, so let me ask right away: Why should you be interested in surfing?  Hmmm . . . Good question.  Well, for one, wome....
Women Surfing Naked?
Where do you go if you’re interested in surf lessons, summer surf camps, or simply finding out more about women in the waves? One place to start is at the website of the La Jolla Surf Divas, Izz....
Female Strengths
It was great to see Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, and the other US female gymnasts do so amazing in the Olympics this past summer. I’ve often wondered if gymnastics might be a helpful model for ....
Interview with Barbie Mayor: Surfing Mom, Judge, and Educator
Barbie Mayor is a nursing instructor at North Island College in Vancouver, Canada where she’s recently spearheaded a new surf studies program. I caught up with her via email just after she finis....
Interview with Barbie Mayor: Surfing Mom, Judge, ad Educator - part II
You’ve recently started up a whole new degree program in Surfing Studies, the first of its kind in North America. What inspired you to take this on? Four years ago while researching high perfo....
Surf Like A Girl Surfing Like A Guy
Women surfers are getting a lot of attention lately in the media. A December 11 article from the New York Times  Sports page announces “Daring Young Women Are on the Curl of a New Era.&rdqu....
Surf Like A Girl Surfing Like A Guy (Part II)
We talked about how women surfers usually look to men surfers for inspiration. I should qualify that a bit. In the Surfing article I mentioned in my last installment, current world champ Stephanie Gil....
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