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Your Writing Needs Exercise Too!
Many times, we sit down at the computer and expect our fingers to automatically produce perfect prose. If that isn't happening, it might be ....
Do You Need a Critique Group?
You’ve been working on your novel for months or maybe even years, but don’t seem to be making much progress.  Each time you reread the manuscript, you come away disappointed.  So....
Creating Fiction from Fact
I’m often asked how I come up with the ideas for my legal thrillers.  More often than not, they just pop into my head from some unknown place.  I have a precise recollection, however, ....
To Outline or Not to Outline
You’re staring at a blank computer screen, willing your brain to magically communicate words to your fingers.  But no matter how hard you try, nothing happens.  You’re stuck! &n....
The First Paragraph
I was recently strolling through an airport bookstore on my way to a book signing in the San Francisco area. Checking out airport bookstores is kind of a hobby of mine. I like to see what they&rsquo....
Book Contracts 101
Just when you’re convinced that it’s never going to happen, you receive The Call.  The one from your agent telling you that a major publisher wants to publish your novel.  Your a....
Think Outside the Box
As writers, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies.  We are often so full of self-doubt that our negative karma blocks any chance of success. If you truly want to accomplish your goal of beco....
Getting Past Writer’s Block
You’ve been staring at the computer screen for several minutes, waiting for inspiration to come to you.  But nothing happens.  You press both hands to your cheeks and exclaim, “O....
How to Query an Agent
It’s taken years, but you did it. You’ve finished your first novel.  Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment. Now comes the hard part: finding an agent who can sell your mas....
Keep Your Readers Turning the Pages
Before I became a published author, I spent a significant amount of time studying story structure.  If I read a novel that kept me turning the pages, as soon as I was done, I went back and analyz....
Should You Quit Your Day Job?
You’ve been at it for years, trying to finish that first novel. You write whenever you can find the time, which is usually in the early morning hours before work, late into the night after work,....
Perhaps It is Time to Consider Self-Publishing
You’ve tried for years to get a book deal and it just isn’t happening. Or maybe you haven’t tried yet, but you’ve heard so many horror stories you’re petrified. Whatever ....
Do You Need a Writer's Conference
Having you been thinking about attending a writer’s conference, but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment?  Take it from me, if you choose carefully, the investment could tu....
Finding Time To Write
In the beginning, you were full of excitement about that novel that had been bubbling around in your head.  You finally planted yourself in front of your computer and started typing away.  D....
Writer-Moms Speak: ReShonda Tate Billingsley
As a busy mom, you’re wondering how you’ll ever find a spare moment to begin that book you’ve been longing to write.  Well, as long as you just think about writing, I guarantee ....
Know Your Writing Style
“Do you write literary or commercial fiction?” The minute I asked the question, I saw the woman’s eyes glaze over in confusion. “Uh . . . well, my book is a coming of age....
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