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What Is a Great Business Idea for ME?
Have you ever thought, “Everyone else has a great business idea; why can’t I think of one?”  The truth is that very few businesses start with a great idea just snatched out of t....
What Do You Want from Your Business
Most women want more from their business endeavor than just money.  Profit is important but there are other things on the list too.  Here is a way to look at what return you want from your b....
Is there a Risk in Starting a Business?
Yes, there is usually a risk in starting a business.  But what kind?  Can you reduce the risk so that you are comfortable moving forward?  Let’s look at some examples. If you s....
Three Ways to Reach Your Best Prospects
There are three ways to reach your best prospects, your target market.  Sometimes you can identify them and reach them directly, other situations may require that you become known so they can fin....
Connect with your Target Market Ways to Start
There are many ways to connect with your target market – and that process is known as marketing.  Let’s look at all the ways you may connect with your best prospects and potentially s....
What is the Difference between Marketing and Sales?
The difference between marketing and sales can be confusing.  Headlines and articles often use these words interchangeably.  Marketing is everything that tells your target prospect about th....
How to Find an Insurance Agent
You have been running your new business for a period of time and you keep hearing that you might need insurance for your business. But everyone else seems to know what she needs, and has it all in pla....
How to Interview a CPA
You are just about to start your business and you don’t know how to keep track of your revenue and expenses.  You opened a separate bank account with the name of the business, but don&rsquo....
Creating Your Business Image
How do you start to create the business image that fits with your business?  It needs to be an image that attracts your best customers.  Your business image is part of your branding—th....
Keeping More Balls in the Air - How Do You Do It? Part I
One of the challenges in starting and growing a small business is fitting in all the work.  You wear so many hats, and have so many details to handle; it is hard to accomplish everything each day....
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