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Feet Can Cause Back Pain

In the last article on sacroiliac subluxations , I explained how many things can cause low back pain.  One thing that seems to be a common thread, however, is a dysfunction of the feet.  Foot dysfunction, primarily over-pronation has an enormous effect on the low back.  The feet are the foundation of the entire body, and so any slight disruption here can cause pain from the toes to the nose, and disrupt everything in between.

Over-pronation is the excessive turning in of the feet when walking.  It is caused by structural variations in the feet, like collapsing arches or flat feet.  This dysfunctional movement creates a chain of events up the leg and in the hip and lower back that wreaks havoc on the body.






The first areas to feel pain when over-pronation exists are the feet themselves.  People who over-pronate often get pain in the heel or arch of their feet.  The next area is the shin and calves: over-pronators often get tight, sore calves and shin splints.  Pain on the outer surface of the thigh and knee are next, although any type of knee pain can result from this foot dysfunction.  Hip pain, groin pain and buttock pain are all common in people that over-pronate.  And sciatica—fuggedaboutit—over-pronators are some of the most sciatic people limping around the planet.  Low back pain and over-pronation go hand-in-hand, so speaking of them separately makes about as much sense as discussing Apple and iPod as two independent entities.


So what’s the solution?  The only way to correct over-pronation and all the conditions that come along with it is to be fit for custom-made orthotics.  Orthotics are shoe inserts that prevent the foot from excessively turning-inward, by providing an arch where the over-pronating foot usually collapses.  This simple addition to the shoe will not only prevent low back pain, but it will also improve posture and—hang on here—give you a little extra height.  Booyah!

Your local neighborhood chiropractor should be able to assess and fit you for your first pair of custom-made orthotics.  I guarantee when you get your first pair, you’ll wonder what took you so long to have your feet evaluated.

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