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Good Fats -the Power of Omega Three Fatty Acids
Is fat good or bad? I know, I know - conventional wisdom says that fat is a bad thing.  Stay away from animal fat.  Arteries can become clogged with fat.  Go to the gym and burn some fa....
What is Chiropractic?
In this age of looming health care crisis, American consumers must understand all the health care options available to them.  One vital form of healing available to all Americans is the powerful ....
Why Are You in Pain? Think Subluxation.
Pain is a complex function.  It has a vital role in alerting us to problems that may threaten our body’s operation, if not our very survival.  Since any number of things can cause pain....
Who has never had a headache?  Headaches are so common that roughly 90% of all Americans suffer from at least one headache every year.  Headaches come in all kind of flavors, too.  Clus....
Sacroiliac Joint and Hip Pain
Low back pain is one of those maladies that has a number of causative factors.  Anything from a muscle strains to urinary tract infections (UTI) to cancer can cause pain in the low back.  Th....
Feet Can Cause Back Pain
In the last article on sacroiliac subluxations , I explained how many things can cause low back pain.  One thing that seems to be a common thread, however, is a dysfunction of the feet.  Foo....
Piriformis Syndrome - A Real Pain in the Butt.
Piriformis syndrome is a low back condition that, frankly, is a pain in the butt.  Literally, since the piriformis muscle sits just underneath the gluteus maximus, that spongy muscle that cushion....
The Coccyx-Rudimentary Tail Can Cause Low Back Pain
Oh, the poor coccyx.  It’s the forgotten bone of the spinal column.  Due to its location and small size, it is often disregarded as an unnecessary vestige (much like the appendix, ....
Walking-A Beginners Exercise
My Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood chiropractic clients will often ask me, “What is the best exercise for beginners?”  They are usually surprised by my answer, “Wa....
Psoas Tightness leads to Low Back Pain and Poor Posture
Low back pain  comes from many sources—that’s what makes it so difficult to diagnose.  One common cause that is often overlooked is the spasmed hip flexor.  Although the hip....
Trigger Points: Elusive Pain and Radiation from Taut Muscles
Musculoskeletal pain has many sources—spinal misalignments and stuck joints (subluxations ), sprains and strains, tight muscles, and so forth.  One very common cause of musculoskeletal pa....
TMJ Syndrome
Ever wake up with jaw pain?  Do you hear clicking when you talk or chew?  Do you suffer from chronic neck pain or headaches?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you m....
Wrist Pain? Elbow Subluxation Very Likely
If you’ve ever had wrist pain and had it checked out by a doctor, then you have likely been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Wrist pain alone, however, does not make carpal tunnel sy....
Wrist Pain? Forearm Muscles Might be the Problem
In the last article I discussed wrist pain as it relates to the elbow.  In this article I will be discussing wrist pain as it relates to the forearm, specifically the forearm muscles.  When ....
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