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Where have our Gardens Gone?

 In a perfect world, I would love to walk into my backyard and pick some raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for breakfast. Along with that, I would pick a few oranges and squeeze a fresh glass of orange juice. For lunch and dinner, I would again pick some lettuce or spinach leaves from my backyard garden along with red peppers, carrots, and celery. Probably easier said than done, but that is exactly what our ancestors did for years. Of course they would also catch and eat wild game and fish as well. They would also often eat their meat uncooked. Eating raw meat now gets a bad rap because of the potential side effects it might have, but remember wild game eats off the land as well, and does not have unwanted bacteria, viruses, etc. Only when our agriculture system raises animals on a grain-fed diet with steroids and drugs do our animals become sick. Farmers believe we must fatten up our animal supply as quickly as possible in order to sell them at top dollar. We then eat all the drugs and steroids they are pumping into our animals. Probably not the healthiest choice.

With the development of agriculture came a decrease in the number of hunters and gatherers. This is also when a lot of our problems came into play.  Agriculture and farming can be a very good thing if done properly, but in this day and age it’s about the bottom dollar and not the health of our food supply. They are now spraying our crops numerous times throughout the season with chemicals that will eventually be consumed by us. Over one billion tons of pesticide products are used each year in the United States alone.

What are we suppose to do in our hectic, fast-paced lifestyle today. We still do have options. If you are not going to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables in your backyard, then we need to start consuming organic, locally grown produce and meats. By eating all natural-organic food, we are eliminating a lot of toxins that would normally be put into our mouths. Over years, these toxins add up and can cause different cancers, heart disease and other illnesses. By avoiding as many toxins as possible, we can live a healthier and more vital life. Remember how our ancestors lived off the earth many years ago, and lets try to get back to that lifestyle in the 21st century.

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