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Hidden Importance of Failure
Your son steps up to the plate late in the game, tie score, the go ahead running standing anxiously over at third base.  You’re sitting on the edge of your folding chair nervously wringing ....
Coaching From the Stands
During the baseball season I work with around a half dozen or so youth baseball teams between the ages of 10 and 16 years old.  This year I’ve paid special attention to why some younger pla....
Character Building Through Sports
For the past nine years I have taught social studies at a local high school south of Seattle, Washington.  The school is doing some remarkable things in the area of student learning and achieveme....
Choosing the Correct Bat
For many parents, choosing the correct baseball bat for their son can be a difficult decision.  Not only is the price a concern, but the right length and weight is also a factor.  While ther....
How to effectively communicate playing time concerns
Playing time can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss with a coach.  Especially in youth athletics.  Most of the time the issue stems from some player feeling like they aren’t getting ....
Are You Getting the Coaching you Deserve?
One concern of parents with youth baseball players is receiving the right coaching for their child.  In an age of specialization, club teams, hitting coaches, pitching coaches, performance coache....
Learning Confidence
One of the most challenging things to do in baseball is to create confidence in your ability before you feel confident in your ability.  Most of the time athletes wait until they have a good game....
How Young is Too Young For Kids To Begin Getting Baseball Instruction
As a baseball instructor for the past 10 years, I’ve gotten to work with all sorts of athletes and a wide range of age groups.  Last month I got a call from a parent who wanted to get his s....
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