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Nancy Pina

For over 20 years, relationship expert Nancy Pina has worked with countless individuals to reach their relationship goals and dreams.  Her experiences as a matchmaker truly opened her eyes to the struggle many find when searching for the right person to share life with in a loving, emotionally healthy relationship.  She discovered that most people were carrying an enormous amount of hurt from failed love and generally believed a new relationship would take away past pain and heartache. However, the key to love is learning from the past, bringing suppressed feelings out in the open and healing those wounds.

Another revelation was the discovery that many people do not have positive relationship role models from childhood, so the information Nancy received was generally based on dysfunction. That person would be most strongly attracted to people who set off an emotional chain reaction. Those connections would reflect childhood incidences and upbringing and that in turn reinforced deeply held beliefs about how they expected to be treated.  It became her passion to help individuals develop strong relationship skills, heal from their pasts and experience lasting love.  Her books detail a practical, step-by-step method based on Christian principles to show how to build a solid foundation in which one then can draw a lasting, connected and fulfilling relationship.

As host of her Christian based relationship talk show, Right Relationships, Nancy is thrilled to bring her message of hope and emotionally healthy love worldwide.  On the show and in her public speaking events, she teaches how to prepare for the right relationship and how to break free from the barriers that block the love one seeks – whether you are married, divorced, single or dating.  You can start where you are today and improve each and every relationship you have with Nancy's inspiring Christian based advice which can be practically applied to your life.

Nancy has been featured in numerous national magazines such as Runner’s World, Esquire, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Essence to name a few. She has also appeared on the Today Show, Fox News.com and Daystar Houston.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her wonderful husband, Blas. Find out more at www.yourtruematch.com or visit her talk show at www.rightrelationshipstv.com

Books by Nancy Pina

  1. The Right Relationship Can Happen: How To Create Relationship Success
  2. Goodbye Mr. Wrong: A Matchmaker Reveals How to Find the Right One
  3. The Ultimate College Relationship Guide: How to Distinguish Between Love and Drama

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60 #D Briar Hollow Lane Houston, Texas 77027
Phone :832-566-0800
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