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Separating Facts from Feelings: Helping Kids Understand the Difference
When moms and dads divorce, it is safe to say that everyone’s “feelings” get hurt. In one-way or another both the adults and the children feel the brunt, the loss, the grief of a cha....
Grace to Move Ahead: How Mistakes (Even Big Ones) Can Draw Loved Ones Close
One of the biggest mistakes a single mom or dad can make is to fail to take personal responsibility for their poor decisions as it affects the family. In some strange way, many adults believe that if ....
What I Did Right
Using Past Successes to Build a Bright Future In aftermath of a painful divorce, men and women alike may find themselves feeling higher degrees of uncertainty, internal hesitation, and a general reti....
How Developing a Routine Can Reduce Stress
Jenny never once claimed to be organized. She always relied on her ex-husband's natural planning skills to get them where they needed to go. Since her divorce, Jenny realized how much she and her ex h....
Creative Ways to Communicate Care: For the Children's Sake
One of the last things recently divorced moms or dads want is to initiate more communication with their former spouse. What their kids likely need though is more communication with their non-custodial....
The Time Margin
Single mom Jen recently returned to fulltime work after completing her graduate degree and suddenly found herself timeless. She puzzled over this. Jen's never had an abundance of time, not since she w....
When An Adult Child Makes Harmful Choices
When author and one time single mom, Allison Bottke, entered her adult son’s apartment during a SWAT team raid, she realized she needed to make a drastic change in the way she was living. No lon....
Moving Forward: Sometimes Begins by Moving Back
Single moms and dads face many challenges in the ensuing weeks and months after a divorce; one of which often includes finding a new house or home. Especially in the current economic climate, single p....
Birthing the Real: Taking a Good Look From the Inside Out
Married authors, Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie, serve as co-directors of The Center for Marriage & Family Studies, and in their newest book, The Soul-Mate Marriage, they coin a term every single adul....
Grace for Today's Season
 When today's season of life is immeasurably sorrowful or burdensome, is it any wonder that many single moms often wonder how they'll survive? Looking ahead can be a daunting prospect to be sure.....
Truth and Love: Why Your Kids Need Both
Moms and dads, especially single moms and dads, struggle to find the strength to guide their children with both truth and love. As parents who are dividing their time with their children, some moms an....
Holidays: It's All About Compromise
After a separation or divorce (okay, be honest...even before a separation or divorce) holidays (and how we celebrate them) continue to rank near the top of the ongoing stress issues in families. Given....
Keeping Your Orientation: Making the Kindest Cuts
Recently, I was given the opportunity to observe a shoulder surgery operation. While the entire morning was riveting, I keep recalling one specific step the surgeon performed at the outset of the proc....
Harvest Time...Any Time
In some areas of the country, communities host fall harvest festivals where they trade seeds, information, and tips to make their gardens grower stronger, richer, and so they'll yield more produce eac....
Instilling Financial Stability
Single moms can act with decisiveness and determination that will not only positively impact their financial well-being, it will set a standard for their young adult children as well. Read on to disco....
Giving Kids Their Childhood Back
Everyone’s moving too fast. Everyone. Kids included. Maybe kids most especially. Doesn’t matter what type of home our children are being raised in, single, married, or stepfamily. Whatever....
Can You Hear What I am Trying to Say?
Developing the Art of Listening Effectively According to author Stephen Covey in his newest title, “The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness” communication is the most important ski....
Speaking Plainly: Communicating So As to Be Understood
Rick Johnson, author, speaker, and founder of Better Dads, dispels the mystery behind communicating effectively with those men and women in your life with whom communicating effectively is a necessity....
Life Markers for Forward Thinking Women
According to counselor and life coach, Sarah Halsey, M.A., L.L.P.C., women should take periodic self-checks as to their current emotional posture with an eye on future life planning and goal attainmen....
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