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Shopping and Registering for Your Baby

By Melissa Moog, Founder of Itsabelly Baby Concierge,  www.itsa-belly.com

Pregnancy already consumes nine months of your life so to relieve some stress and anxiety when preparing for your baby's arrival it's helpful to know what to spend your hard earned money on. Before you hit the baby stores to do some serious shopping and register for all of your newborn's needs here are some thoughts concerning well known products and others you may not have heard of or considered. Listed below are Itsabelly's top 5 baby products in each category:

*What to Buy*

  1. Infant Car Seat -- The hospital won't let you take your baby home without this! It will also keep baby in a safe, cushioned seat within your stroller when toting baby around. Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego are good mid-priced brands to consider.
  2. Breast Pump -- If you breastfeed keeping your milk supply regular will be important especially if you're headed back to work after maternity leave. Medela's Pump In Style is a great pump.
  3. Baby's First Safe Sleeping Area -- Options are: Crib/Pack & Play/Bassinet/Co-Sleeper -- one of these products are your best bet to keep baby sleeping safely in a contained area. BabiesRUs provides you with many options in each category.
  4. Stroller -- When taking a walk or going shopping a stroller is important to transport baby and make it easier on your arms. Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego are good mid-priced brands to consider.
  5. Carrier/Sling/Bouncy Chair or Swing -- Being hands free will be key when you're trying to multi-task and want to keep baby close to you so one of these devices will allow you to eat or do chores. Baby Bjorn, Ergo Carrier, Moby Wrap are great carriers to consider. Fisher Price makes both a swing and bouncy chair.

*What to Ignore*

  1. Wipe Warmer -- Baby's won't notice the difference - all they will care about is being dry!
  2. Bottle Warmer -- Placing a bottle in a container with hot water for a few minutes is easy enough to warm a bottle. You don't need an expensive gizmo.
  3. Mobile -- You're better off buying a soothing sleep aid device like
    Fisher Price's Ocean Wonders Aquarium which attaches to the side of the crib or use a regular CD player to play sweet baby lullabies.
  4. Expensive Baby Quilt -- Although quilts can be a great decorative piece it isn't safe to keep quilts or blankets anywhere near or in the baby's crib so they are a waste of money.
  5. Diaper Stacker -- Save your $20-30 and buy more baby’s wipes & diapers instead! You can keep your diapers in a dresser drawer, diaper caddy, shelf or cabinet.

*What to Splurge On*

  1. Snap & Go Stroller by Baby Trend -- You can place the infant car seat right into a carriage frame which is super lightweight. This is a convenient alternative to an expensive and heavy stroller from newborn to about 6 months of age.
  2. Micralite Toro Stroller - This stroller has all of the features of a high-design stroller in simple, easy-folding design. The cleverly designed sliding seat unit allows a full recline for comfort, or up right seating for your 'big kid'.
  3. Diapers -- Going green for baby? gDiapers is a flushable eco-friendly diaper which protects our environment.
  4. Portable High Chair -- Great for travel and using at the Grandparent's house or eating out at restaurants. Fisher Price Healthy
    Care Booster Seat and Chicco Hook On High Chair are good onsiderations.
  5. Bebe Au Lait -- This is a great breastfeeding/nursing cover perfect for mom's who want privacy when feeding in public. Designed with an open top that drapes over mom and baby, allowing mom to peek at baby as she nurses. Available on-line.

*Special Mention:*

  1. Splash Bottle Drying Rack by Skip Hop -- A very stylish and functional bottle drying rack for your kitchen that doesn't have the flimsy plastic rods.
  2. Super Foods for Babies & Children by Annabeth Karmel -- A beautifully illustrated and educational baby food book which explains the inherent qualities of certain foods and how they will benefit your child whether they be foods that promote growth, boost energy, improve immunity or help with the formation of strong bones and teeth.

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