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Questions to Consider When Transitioning into Life with a New Baby

Transitioning into life with a new baby is one of the most challenging times you will face but also a very precious time. You can never prepare 100% for what’s ahead of you but it can be done with more ease knowing what to expect. If you prepare ahead by asking yourself the right questions your answers can help prepare you for parenthood.

When Itsabelly offers expectant parents advice here are some questions our baby planners ask couples to answer:

  1. Where will our baby sleep?  In our room?  In the nursery?  Are we losing a   den, extra bedroom, or TV room to make the nursery?
  2. Who will feed the baby? Consider who will be the most sleep-deprived?
  3. Who will serve as our support network?
  4. What impact will quitting my job and becoming a stay-at-home mom have on my identity?
  5. If we both choose to work, how will we negotiate all the household responsibilities?
  6. What are our personalities like?  Control freaks or easy-going?
  7. What is our lifestyle like?  Lots of dinners and events out?  Lots of traveling?  Very spontaneous?
  8.  What are the things that fuel us?  Will we still be able to get our needs met with the baby around, or do we need to brainstorm some new strategies?
  9. What are the ways that we connect as a couple?  When do we spend time together?  Will that change when our baby arrives?
  10. How do we deal with conflict now?  
  11. How effective is our communication now?
  12. What are you willing to eliminate from your monthly budget to begin funding her college savings account?

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