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Ticks Can Ruin Your Hunt, Even in Winter
When I walked through the kitchen door on the evening of January 2, I was hoping to find dinner on the counter.  My wife had ordered pizza, and it was right where I expected it to be. What I w....
Rubber Boots: One of Your Best Friends in the Woods
  Wearing the right footwear can make or break your hunt.  For the whitetail deer hunter, the right pair of shoes is often a high quality pair of rubber boots.  Rubber boots cont....
Teach Your Kids About Gun Safety, Whether You Plan to Take Them Hunting or
Hunting is by and large a safe sport.  When people do get hurt, it is far more likely that they fell from a tree stand than to have been inadvertently shot.   But gun-related hunting acci....
Turkey Hunting Tips for the Beginner Part I
One of North America’s most exciting hunting seasons doesn’t take place in autumn.  In fact, hunters throughout the U.S. and Canada are right now gearing up for spring turkey season, ....
Turkey Hunting Tips for the Beginner Part II
Choosing a weapon and ammunition and knowing the capabilities of both are key to a safe and enjoyable spring gobbler hunt. Turkeys may be hunted with a variety of weapons, including archery equipme....
Summer Hunting Prep
With turkey season over and deer season two or more months away, depending on where you hunt, summer is one of the most difficult times to focus on hunting.  But the hot days of June, July and Au....
All the Rage This Hunting Season
More and more of the diehard archery hunters I know are slinging arrows tipped by Rage Broadheads.  I too switched to the rear-deploying mechanical Rage broadheads mid-season last year and took a....
Youth Hunts: A Great Way to Start the Season
Many states offer special early season youth deer hunts, giving youngsters an opportunity to harvest a deer before hunting pressure makes it more difficult.  Here in Virginia, kids in most counti....
Early Season Hunting Opportunities
The popular image of the hunter is one of a wool-clad and heavy-booted figure, peering through a cloud of his own breath as he scans the woods for game on a chilly November morning.  Even many lo....
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