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Matt Coughlin is a hunter, angler, sportsman and writer who blogs about hunting and the outdoors at www.brightideablog.com.  He founded the outdoor recreation communications firm Bright Idea Outdoors in 2006 and is a co-founder of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.

“My mission is to help individuals and families learn about and enjoy the outdoors without having to spend a fortune or travel around the world to do it,” Matt writes on his site.

In addition to writing about hunting, Matt enjoys speaking to groups about getting kids interested in hunting and the outdoors.  With three young sons growing up in a hunting-oriented household, he learns something new on this subject nearly every day.

Matt has never been one to stay inside or sit behind a desk.  He has always loved outdoor work and currently serves as vice president of the Leesburg, Virginia-based landscape firm Property Services Enterprises, Inc.  He grew up in rural Virginia and has spent much of his life fishing, roaming the woods and working outside.  But it was only in his late 20’s that Matt took up hunting.  Over the last decade, it has developed into one of his greatest passions and has become an integral part of his life.

“Hunting has made me into a better person and has strengthened my relationships with nature, God and several members of my family,” Matt writes.  “I want to make sure my kids get this opportunity much earlier in life than I did, and if I can help some other people along the way it’s a huge bonus.”

Matt is primarily a whitetail deer hunter who bow hunts near his home.  He also enjoys hunting deer with a muzzleloader and modern firearms, including his annual family deer hunt with hounds in King William County, Virginia.  In addition to his beloved whitetail, Matt hunts small game and waterfowl with his sons and is still working on finding the time to turkey hunt in the spring.

When Matt is not hunting or working, he can often be found fishing a local pond or on the Potomac River, Florida’s Atlantic Coast, North Carolina’s Outer Banks or the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  His other interests include camping, hiking, reading and working on the farm where he hunts.

Matt’s columns for bizymoms.com will draw on his own experience and on his extensive research on hunting in order to answer your questions about the sport.  He will provide information on hunting-related products and tips on how to make your next hunt a success.  Matt will interview guides, outfitters and local hunting experts to help you decide where to hunt, when to go and how to go about it. 

He will focus in particular on getting young people involved in the sport.  Matt is passionate about hunting and wants to do all he can to ensure that the joy it has brought him is passed on to future generations!



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