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Fitness is a Life Event
Many people assume that getting fit is a temporary six month fix. You exercise, cut down on carbohydrate consumption, lose thirty pounds and you’re done. Once you can slide into your wedding dre....
Want a Better Brain? Start Running!
We all assume that aerobic exercise is good for the body; it makes you lose weight, gives you more energy. But, according to John J. Ratey M.D., the most significant benefit of aerobic activity is tha....
What Does Fitness Mean?
Barb, a friend of mine, considers every woman she sees in size 4 as physically fit. "Look at that waist," she would say, her eyes drooling with envy. "Wonder what she is doing that I'm....
Yoga in Our 21st Century Culture
We cannot help but notice the many Yoga classes that are sprouting all over the place—in gyms, the Y, schools, and malls. Now, Yoga has become a popular item in corporate workplaces, appearing o....
Back to School Brain Fitness
September is back again with routines, schools and books-- a great time for us to pay more attention to the brain. After all, the brain is the CEO of the body, producing every thought, action, memory,....
Watching the Olympics
According to NBC, the Beijing Olympics was the most watched event in TV history. 211 million viewers watched the Olympics on NBC's Universal broadcast network and cable channels—200,000 more tha....
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