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Mary Desaulniers - Expert in Health and Fitness

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mary Desaulniers immigrated to Canada in 1969. She completed her Ph.D in Nineteenth-Century Literature in 1993. Her book, Carlyle and the Economics of Terror was published in 1995 by McGill-Queen's University Press.

A retired teacher, Mary founded "Great Body at 50", a website that offers solutions to weight management and fitness through mind and body work which includes discovering the creative energy behind the hunger. Eating, exercising, writing, painting, living all become avenues by which the body is transformed into a creative self.
Weight management is life management in all senses of the word. Fitness is integrating Body, Mind and Spirit into a higher dimension of wholeness.

A runner for over 30 years, Mary offers the most down-to-earth and effective strategies for winning the war against fat and lethargy. Her interest in New Physics has also allowed her to provide information and resources to anyone interested in tapping into the Zero-Point Field, that realm where the imaginal and the real, mind and body become one.

Her interest in current discoveries on brain neuroplasticity has made her a strong proponent of the power of intent and action. If we want change, we need to act towards change. Action itself generates circumstances that make real transformation possible. Action and thought carve new neural circuits in our brain that can over-ride the circuits of our self-defeating past.

To find out the meaning of your hunger and what you can do about it, please visit www.GreatBodyat50.com .

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