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Talking to Your Children about a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
When a young mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, her first thoughts usually turn to her children. “Will I be here to raise my family?”  Once that question is answered by the oncol....
Making Decisions about Breast Cancer Surgery
If you’ve recently been told that you have breast cancer, a natural reaction can be to request bilateral mastectomies. That isn’t necessarily the wrong answer but in the majority of cases ....
There is Breast Cancer in my Family - Will my Little Girls Get Breast Cancer
We worry and fret about your children from the moment of conception until the day we die, don’t we? With breast cancer remaining the most feared disease of all women, it is no wonder that those ....
Who is at higher risk of getting breast cancer? Eeyore or Tigger??
Well, it looks like Eeyore, and to quote him, “thanks for noticing.”  Why is this? A recent study has shown that there is a greater risk of breast cancer in women exposed to negative ....
Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Mammograms
With more and more women having babies in their forties (and age 40 is the age to begin annual mammography) it has become a bit harder to stick to the "annual schedule" for breast screening.....
Wise words from women coping with metastatic breast cancer
It’s well known that breast cancer is the most feared disease of all women. Today, with access to the internet and the ability to learn from others around the world, information related to this ....
Finding Humor Where you Least Expect it - While Receiving Chemotherapy
When you think of “cancer” the last thing that would probably enter your mind is the image of someone laughing or finding anything humorous about their treatment experience.  In the l....
How Breast Cancer Changed My Life
I never expected to get breast cancer. Being an oncology nurse falsely led me to believe I’d be granted some special immunity. Of course that was only wishful thinking. In 1992, at the age of 38....
My Breasts Hurt - Is this a sign of Breast Cancer?
One of the most common abnormal symptoms a woman will develop related to her breasts is breast pain. Any symptom though that is new can cause alarm bells to ring and usually the first thought a woman ....
My Tweens Breasts Are not the Same Size
Your little girl is showing signs of puberty. (Setting aside the rolling of the eyes when you ask if her homework is done and her need to scream at her baby sister who wants to come in the bathroom wh....
How Young is Too Young to be Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Certainly by now you’ve all read or seen in the news the information about the 10 year old child in California who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I heard about it early on before it hit the m....
The Value of Breast Feeding -not just for baby, but for you too!
A new research study has just been published with some valuable news in it to share. The Nurses Health Study that has been going on for two decades. It measures a variety of health concerns from heart....
What Time is the Right Time to start having Mammograms
I’m sure most women would say that there is no good time to do it, but there is a right time. A right time to start having them annually and the right time of the month to have one done too. So ....
My Friend has Breast Cancer - How Can I Help Her ?
 Part of the answer to this question is dependent on how close of a friend she is. if you are very close, then there are many things you can do. If you are an acquaintance but feel a need to exte....
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Lillie Shockney, RN, BS, MAS 307 Bond Avenue Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
(410) 614-2853
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