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Nightmare on Math Street
Do you dream about geometric proofs?  Do you love solving complex equations in your head while going about your household chores?  Do you get giddy at the thought of integrals and derivative....
What is a Real Homeschool Transcript?
There is a difference between an "accredited transcript" and an "official homeschool transcript."  First of all, it is important to identify the difference between an accredit....
Nutty Homeschool Parents?
After this year’s National Spelling Bee, someone asked me, “What kind of a crazy parent has their child spell nutty words all day?”  The great kind of parent!  The kind of ....
Accredited Online Homeschool - A Deeper Look
A lot of homeschool parents are considering online accredited homeschooling for next year.  It pays to consider what the reality is behind the marketing image that is portrayed.  Many online....
News Flash! Teenagers Will Change Their Mind!
Why bother with getting your kids ready for college when you feel certain they won't go?  Because sometimes, when you least expect it, teenagers will change their mind.  Stop laughing! ....
What If Your Kids Want to Go to Public School?
Homeschool parents wonder how they should respond when their child requests to go to public high school.  My children never asked to go to public school - at least not after the first year we hom....
Homeschool Grade Levels
When someone asks about your homeschool kids grade level, it’s not uncommon for a parent to say, “Well! She is in third grade reading, 5th grade math, and can spell at a 7th grade level!&r....
What Do Colleges Really Think about Homeschoolers?
What do colleges REALLY think about homeschoolers?  Well, it usually depends on the college.  Cal Tech is a pretty "usual" college, so let's look at their policy and pretend they r....
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