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Winslow Homer: Window to Laie 19th century America
I admit it:  whenever I discover an artist, or composer, or politician, or social activist, or writer – or anyone I admire, I want to know about their life as well as their work.  I wa....
When Did American Start Playing Football?
Games in which groups of people, often unorganized, without rules, try to kick a ball toward a certain line or place while simultaneously trying to prevent others from doing the same thing have been p....
Creating America's Santa: Clement Clarke Moore and Thomas Nast
Saint Nickolas and Sinter Claes were European figures, and their stories contributed to the creation of the figure who climbs down United States chimneys on Christmas Eve. But two nineteenth century A....
When Did We Start Sending Christmas Cards?
The sending of Christmas cards, a custom we take for granted today, required that society take several things for granted. First: that Christmas was celebrated as more than a day to attend church a....
Shaking Hands in America
Sometimes the simplest of gestures have the most fascinating histories! And so when I first heard the President Thomas Jefferson had been the first United States president to shake hands, I wanted to ....
A Man with a Plan - Pierre L'Enfant
Turn on your television news any day and you’ll see Washington, D.C..  The White House. The Capitol. The Mall, and the locations that are so familiar to us – the Smithsonian; the FBI;....
Historical fiction Set During the american Revolution
I’m a great fan of historical fiction; in fact (disclaimer here) I write historical fiction for children ages 8-12.  Recently I wrote a book set during the American Revolution. (No, it hasn....
A New Lamguage for America
Noah Webster was born in Harford Connecticut in 1758.  He and his two brothers and two sisters helped his mother and father on their farm, and with making food and clothing for the family. Educat....
Dorothea Dix - One Who Made a Difference to Many
When someone says about a seemingly impossible situation, “But what can I do? I’m just one person!” I think of Dorothea Dix. Dorothea Dix was born in 1802 in Hampden, Maine, the chi....
Ellis Island: Island of Dreams
On June 2, 1892, Annie Moore, a fifteen-year-old girl from County Cork, Ireland, stepped off the crowded ship she had been on for three weeks and became the first of the more than twelve million immig....
Children on the Mayflower
Depending on where you live, your children may have already completed school for the year, or will be doing so soon. If you’re planning a vacation, do try to incorporate at least one day one of ....
Anna Julia Cooper: A Scholar; Now a Stamp
Lessons in American history are everywhere. One place to look is at your local post office. (Have you, or your son or daughter, thought about collecting stamps? Not only is it a fun hobby, but it&rsqu....
First United States Olympics: 1904, St. Louis
The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in a few months, and, since it will be held  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you might want to see if there are still tickets available for your favorit....
History of the Pledge of Allegiance
It all started with Christopher Columbus. October 12, 1492, ten weeks after sailing out of Palos, Spain, one of the sailors on board the Pinta sighted land. Columbus and those on his three ships (the ....
The Pony Express
“Willing to Riisk Death Daily. Orphans Preferred": That’s right. “Willing to Risk Death Daily” and “Orphans Preferred” were two of the requirements listed to ....
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