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Is that online job a scam or for real?
You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Always keep that in mind when searching for a work-at-home job, as there are a growing number of scams cropping up e....
Creating the optimal home work space
If you work from home, it is important to consider the role your physical work space will play in the effectiveness of your endeavor. Factors to Consider Will clients visit my home office? Wi....
Using Stay-at-Home Mom Skills for Job Skills
At VirtualVocations.com, we recognize that transitioning from being a stay-at-home parent to becoming a work-at-home parent can be an especially daunting challenge, especially when it comes to updatin....
Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work
What do you do when you’re on deadline but your children are demanding your attention? Here’s a list of some kid-friendly diversions you can use when you need 20 minutes to dedicate to yo....
Is Working from Home Making You Bored?
Even if at-home self-employment is your ideal work scenario, you occasionally may find yourself bored with working from home. But there are ways you can overcome this boredom. Self-employment is a ....
Creating a Work at Home Schedule
For those of us who are already working from home, we have figured out that it requires scheduling of some sort to achieve your goals and the tasks assigned by your employer.  In my case, I also ....
Keeping Confidential Information Secure on your Computer
A very important aspect of working from home is the ability to keep confidential information you may be working with, secure.  Many times before you start working as an employee or independent co....
Pulling An All-Nighter-Working from Home
Once in a while, even those of us who work at home have to pull an all-nighter to get our work accomplished.  For me, it seems to be more often than not.  After running around after three ki....
Free Organizational Tools for Telecommuters
Lack of organization while working from home is one of the leading causes of inefficient work production.  Thanks to all the newest helps available online, tracking your workload, calendaring for....
Thinking Outside the Box: Work at Home Beyond the Telephones
Many people who dive into the world of working from home think the only options are call centers. You know, those jobs where you sit in front of your computer all day answering calls for free informat....
Work at Home Taxes
It's getting to be that time of year. Time to file taxes. While most dread this yearly ritual, for those of us who are self-employed, it can seem very complicated. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be c....
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