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President, YouDiligence, LLC
President, MVP Sports Media Training, LLC

Kevin developed an expertise in social networking by studying collegiate student-athletes’ social networking web sites and the numerous problems athletic departments have encountered over the last several years dealing with the issues that often became a crises from the photos and writings posted by student-athletes in this very public forum. 

Kevin added segments about the dangers of this now-prevalent phenomenon to his media training sessions for athletes and coaches, and then sought technology and business partners to develop software and found YouDiligence™ (www.youdiligence.com).

YouDiligence became (and still is) the only automated service that alerts collegiate athletic departments when student-athletes post something that could be damaging to their futures or the reputations of the school/team/department. 

In late spring 2008, after hearing about a young girl that was lured away from her family by a predator on MySpace who ended up molesting and murdering her, Kevin and his partners decided to add a new use for YouDiligence technology -- to help save children’s lives. 

YouDiligence began development to offer web-based service commercially to parents by January, 2009.  Ahead of schedule in December, 2008, YouDiligence launched and began commercial operations for parents who want to protect their children from online predators, cyber-bullies and protect their children’s reputations. 

Kevin is a regular guest on XM Satellite radio and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, The Sports Business Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times and numerous other sports, business and trade publications.  YouDiligence is headquartered in Montpelier, VT.

Other Experience

Kevin is a 1992 graduate of Purdue University.  He spent the first decade of his career on Capitol Hill as a press secretary for a home state Congressman and as a senior professional staff member for the Congressional Committee, where he was responsible for counter-narcotics policy oversight of the federal government, including liaising with federal law enforcement in order to develop US foreign aid packages for our allies on the war on drugs, as well as leading the communications efforts for committee members on drug issues.  He traveled to 52 countries, many of them multiple times, in 6 years to perform his oversight duties.

After leaving the Hill, Kevin started a strategic communications firm that sub-contracted to a firm that had contracts with the Department of Defense.   That lasted 3 years, and Kevin led teams that performed media training, crisis/strategic communications counsel and capacity building in the Colombian Ministry of Defense, Colombian National Police, and the Ministry of Interior in Afghanistan, leading the communications efforts on, among other issues, a civilian plane crash and a high-profile kidnapping in Afghanistan and multiple high-profile activities in Colombia.

Kevin started MVP Sports Media Training™ (www.sportsmediatraining.com) in 2004.  Since then, MVP has worked with more than a thousand athletes and coaches at schools across the country, as well as IndyCar, NASCAR, The Big Ten Network, MLS, NFL, NFLPA, and the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team doing media training and life skills training sessions.  MVP is headquartered in West Lafayette, IN. 

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