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Easy Vegetable to Grow from Seed

Most common vegetables are not difficult to grow, but some are more challenging than others.  Starting with the easiest will ensure that you have a great garden for food, without any frustrating challenges to tend to.

The Salad Garden
There is more to salad than a single, boring, Iceberg lettuce.  Darker lettuces that are full of nutrients are just as easy to grow, and will give better flavor too.  Look for red leaf as well as green leaf varieties.  If you are in a warm climate, then you will want to look for heat tolerant varieties, and if you are in cooler northern climates, you will want to look for long day length performers.  

Lettuce is not the only salad greens to grow.  You can get mustard, arugula and endive  that give varied tastes as well as interesting salads.  Some nurseries have ready mixed salad seed and others have the individual packets for you to custom blend your own. All the salad greens are easy to grow because they germinate quickly, and if you have leaf rather than head lettuce, you will have micro greens ready in a matter of a few weeks.  

The Cabbage Family
Basic cabbage, whether it is green, red or Savoy variety, is easy to grow.  Apart from a few bugs that might attack, you will generally get a good result.  Kales are equally easy and come in curly, red or green varieties.  Brussels sprouts are not difficult either but they do take a long time to mature, so make sure that you pick a spot where they can grow all season long and into the fall.  Start the cabbage family of seeds indoors about 6 weeks before you transplant them into the garden.  
Slightly more difficult is the heading variety of vegetable such as broccoli and cauliflower. Give these the correct spacing (about 12 inches between the stems) and feed them well.

Beans are another very large group of vegetables that are easy to grow.  Basic green beans may not need a trellis, and some, like the filet beans can be picked as soon as they reach the thickness of a pencil. Others such as haricot beans, and other beans to dry for winter soups and recipes, need to mature on the vine before you pick them.  

Carrots are another easy to grow vegetable that can be picked within a few weeks when they are tiny, or they can be left to mature for late season meals. Whichever time you choose to harvest, you will get a vitamin rich vegetable to nibble fresh, or cook for dinner.  Sow carrot seeds direct into the garden and cover with a little light soil.  Keep the row watered until the seeds are well started, then thin them to about one inch between them.  As the carrots mature you can harvest the small ones and leave the larger ones to continue to grow.

With just a little bit of land, and a little bit of planning, you can have a productive garden that will help feed your family and give you better, fresher food than any supermarket can match. Better yet, you can have fun tending the vegetables and watching them as they grow to maturity.

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