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Growing Herbs Indoors
Herbs add flavor and taste to many meals, but too often we only use them when they are outside in the summer. Although fresh grown herbs are generally better when they have a breeze on them, growing h....
Bringing Tender PlantsIinside For The Winter
Each fall, gardeners have to make a decision about bring tender plants inside for the winter. Some tough decisions may have to be made depending on how much time you have to upend the plants, how....
General Business Knowledge for a Nursery
Starting any business is risky, but growing plants for sale is one of the lowest initial investment options.  In fact it is one of those businesses that can literally grow with your needs and you....
Houseplants 101
Many people from college students to senior citizens, not to mention preschoolers, enjoy having a plant to care for in their living space.  Whether this is a tender flowering tropical, or the har....
Easy Vegetable to Grow from Seed
Most common vegetables are not difficult to grow, but some are more challenging than others.  Starting with the easiest will ensure that you have a great garden for food, without any frustrating ....
Starting Seeds
The New Year is a great time to think about getting started with a few seeds to grow.  Depending on your location the best time to start is about 4 – 8 weeks before your last frost, but som....
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