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Modern life and female infertility
Everyone knows that throughout the world there is a huge increase in IVF clinics. These days in Australia where I live, a General Practitioner is unlikely to try to resolve a woman’s fertility p....
Chlorine, thyroid and female infertility
In another article I told the story of infertility increasing in Bali immediately after chlorination of the water supply. Is there any reason why chlorine could cause infertility and how much chlorine....
Iím pregnant: Will the flu hurt my baby?
In the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy, your baby is developing all his or her important body organs. During this time, everything that you do is very important. Staying healthy and free of infec....
Mums and Gums: Looking after your dental health can prevent prematurity
After I had my first child, my dentist pointed out that my gums had receded and were looking unhealthy. He complained that I hadn’t been looking after my teeth and gums and said that he often fo....
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