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Three reasons why women may be more prone to be diagnosed and treated for Depression
Currently, 20 million Americans suffer from depression each year. It is a statistical fact that more than twice as many women in the United States as men suffer from a major depressive disorder....
How does one become depressed?
Since many Americans currently experience depression, one may begin to ponder what causes a person to become depressed? Is there a single cause to a person developing  depression or are multiple ....
What is the benefit of using psychotherapy to treat depression?
Research has shown that psychotherapy is useful in treating mild to moderate depression. In my experience, many individuals initially converse with family members or friends to help them through their....
Could you be at risk for depression?
All ethnic, racial and socioeconomical groups suffer from depression. Depression can  occur at any age including childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. In fact, depression is so common in our soc....
Is my adolescent depressed?
Short periods of a day or two of depression during the adolescent years is quite normal. Rapid changes in your adolescent’s mind and body cause various mood changes during this time. In fact, 90....
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