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What to Feed your Family and Why
In this first series of articles, I would like to introduce you to the concept of feeding your family real food.  There are a host of reasons for making this lifestyle change, not the least of wh....
Moms Pick: Dairy
We need dairy products in our balanced meal plan.  Milk contains Vitamin A for healthy skin, eyes, bones and teeth and Vitamin D to aid in calcium and phosphorus absorption.  Real milk that ....
Mom's Pick: Fish
In general wild fish contain more Omega-3 fats than farmed fish.  Industrial fish farms have the same problems that industrial raised beef and poultry farms have;  crowding, illness, parasit....
Mom's Pick: Carbs
Our food is made up of three groups of nutrients: proteins, fat and carbohydrates.  Our bodies need proteins and fat as they are both essential for life.  Carbs however are not.  Yes, t....
Moms Picks: Fruit and Veggies
Eat these.  Eats lots and lots of them.  Feed your family salads with lunch and dinner.  Eat fruit for dessert.  Eat veggies for snacks.  Eat fruits for snacks.  Eat this....
Mom Picks: Beef, Pork, Poultry and Gam
Choose hormone free, grass-fed, humanely raised meat and poultry products for your family’s meal plan.  Grass fed cows and birds are more nutritious than the conventionally raised meats tha....
Moms Solution: The Perfect Pantry
There is only one way for you to prepare well balanced, disease preventing meals for your family, given your hectic schedule, and that is to stock your pantry, fridge and freezer with real food. ....
Chicken Thighs with Sweet Peas, Bacon and Red Wine Sauce
I found huge chicken thighs in the butcher’s case in the grocery store. I used them for this recipe because they were large and thick and would hold up to the braising technique used here. ....
Breakfast Deviled Eggs
This dish is perfect for hectic mornings because you can prepare the eggs the evening before and grab them from the fridge in the morning as you dash off to school and work. 4 large organic eggs 1 o....
Crispy Skin Salmon with Roasted Grape Tomatoes
Salmon is best prepared so that the center is rare.  This recipe is an excellent way to produce perfectly cooked salmon and it takes just moments.  Choose the best, most fresh salmon that yo....
Blueberry Pie Muffins
The aroma of these muffins, when you bring them out of the oven, reminds you or blueberry pie.  And, they taste just as good.  A combination of whole-grain pastry flour and all purpose flour....
Simple Marinara Sauce
The best tomato sauce for all of your Italian dishes comes together quickly and stores easily.  As with all cooking it’s about the ingredients that you use that makes the difference in tast....
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