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The Art of Dribbling
Dribbling in soccer serves the same basic function as dribbling in basketball—it enables a player to maintain control of the ball while running past opponents or accelerating into open space. Dr....
An Introduction to the World's Most Popular Sport
Soccer is the national game of nearly every country in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America, and as such must be organized on a global level. The Federation Internationale de Football Association (....
Coaching Youth Soccer
Use the Game as Your Teacher The popular growth of youth soccer has been phenomenal over the past decade. According to the Soccer Industry Council of America, a committee of the Sporting Goods Manufa....
Soccer Players: Possibly the Most Physically Fit of All Athletes!
There is an old adage among coaches that says “fitness is not everything, but without fitness you have nothing”.  This statement is applicable to most sports and is particularly relev....
Systems of Play: Which is the best for your soccer team?
A soccer team consists of ten field players and a goalkeeper. A system of play refers to the collective organization of the field players, and defines each player=s role within the framework of the te....
The Soccer Goalkeeper
A soccer team consists of eleven players. The ten outfield players are restricted by the laws of the game to use their feet, head, thighs, chest – virtually any body part save the arms and hands....
Soccer Players Must Use Their Head
Soccer players must literally “use their head” during the course of a match. The skill of heading the ball is unique to the sport of soccer, and can be used for both attacking and defendin....
Soccer and Kids: A perfect match
It is no secret that physical activity is beneficial for children and adults alike.  Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer....
The Importance of Warm-Up and Cool Down
Prior to every practice session or game players should perform a warm-up to prepare both physically and mentally for the more strenuous training to follow. Warm-up activities are designed to achieve s....
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