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What's Next? - The World Has Changed
Being organized has now become more important than ever.  The year 2008 has proven itself the economic lesson of this new century.  No matter where you turn right now (including this article....
Seasonal Storage
At this time of the year we are faced with the joy of stuff.  We decorate every corner of our home today as compared to a generation ago when it was mostly a tree.  It was all about the tree....
Smart Buying
No matter the economy,  using organizing tools when making purchases creates smart buying.  As a Certified Professional Organizer, I too, fall victim to impulse buying.  This happens on....
Organize Your Desk
The biggest obstacle I find in and around a person’s desk is too much of a good thing.  How many pens do you really need on hand?  It seems that we all love to save money in bulk purch....
Address your contact information!
Projects, projects, projects! We are constantly running out of time to get all those things done that support our everyday living. Often the most neglected of projects in our homes is our contact list....
Organize for stress Relief
The most popular question I am asked on any given day is where do I begin?  This unanswered question is the why so many of us are stressed. Fortunately there is a way to reduce this stress and an....
Bizymoms April
April showers brings us the first signs of spring. Which means to organizers – spring maintenance and cleaning. This is the time to spend showering your attention to the clutter in your life.&nb....
Organize Your Attitude
Organize your attitude.  It is amazing what a smile can do for you.  This small muscle reaction to something pleasurable can work in the opposite way.  When we are overwhelmed with our ....
What You Resist Does Persist
“What you resist does persist.”  I have heard this statement before and recently I heard it again.  It really sparked some thought.  Currently, and I am not sure why, I am h....
Television and Focus
You may not be able to have both. Television is one of the prime time stealers in our lives. We allow this thief to loot our days and nights of precious moments. It is my suggestion that you take cont....
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