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Janet Sasson

Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette is a prominent psychologist practicing in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  For over twenty years, she has been conducting child, adolescent, and family therapy and consultation to individuals, couples, and parents, as well as sport and performance psychology enhancement services to athletes and performing artists.

Janet’s work in the areas of adolescent and pre-teen therapy, family counseling, and parenting has put her in great demand as a therapist, speaker, workshop leader, and consultant to schools and mental health agencies. She is also the author of five books on psychotherapy and sport psychology, including the popular parenting paperback, Stop Negotiating with Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent, and her critically acclaimed book for mental health professionals entitled, Adolescent Therapy That Works: Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Help in the First Place (hyperlink). Janet is widely recognized for having developed an effective therapeutic approach for reaching children and teenagers who have been turned off to counseling, and for helping parents balance the delicate equation of empathically supporting their kids through tough times while simultaneously holding them accountable for the choices they have made. As the mother of three teenage boys, Janet understands the challenges of parenting what she calls the “21st century teen,” and the need for parents to be informed about the social culture in which these kids are being raised.

In addition to running her practice, Janet is frequently invited to speak at professional conferences, and has conducted workshops and educational programs for therapists, teachers, and parents all around the United States as well as in Canada , Mexico , Russia , Croatia , and Germany. Some of her more popular presentations include the following titles:

•    Meeting the Challenges of Parenting the 21st Century Teen
•    Talking to Teens Who Don’t Feel Like Talking
•    Parenting Your “Too-Sensitive” Teenager
•    Balancing Empathy and Accountability in the Parent-Teen Relationship
•    Parenting the Learning-Challenged Teen: What’s Helping and What’s Enabling?

On the need for better parenting resources, Janet says…

“My sixteen year old son just got his first job.  He will be working in a convenience mart near his school, and will receive more training on making sandwiches in the next two weeks than most adults get on parenting over the course of their entire lives.

“Raising children is one of the most challenging jobs mothers and fathers face, and yet our society is remarkably complacent about our learn-as-you-go method of parenting. Given that for many parents it is also the most important job they’ll ever have, and that the ramifications of good versus bad parenting on everyone are so many and so significant, it’s even more surprising that on-the-job training remains the instructive model of choice.”

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