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Credit Report and You
Why credit report is vital for you to obtain? Before asking for any type of credit or loan, and even a new job, do yourself a favor and check your credit report. A credit reports consist of any person....
Women and Credit
Why do I write about women and credit? Because; women have a different way of orientation society, then men. We tend to believe that equal credit opportunities are same as for men and women, but in re....
How to Cut Your Credit Interest?
Here is an opportunity to save money by getting better Annual Interest Rates (or APR). If you owe some money on your currents credit cards, it is time to analyze how you can save lots of money. One M....
Mini bank system
For Small business Entrepreneurs Using business credit cards Here is another method of using business credit cards to maximize your money power. It is amazing how easy it is for: most people to buy....
The Bankruptcy Dilemma
The personal bankruptcy is: a very last results tool available to you under the US law to protect you from creditors. I sincerely believe that any personal bankruptcy should be avoided as much as pos....
What are business credit cards?
Unlike personal credit cards, business credit cards are strictly used for business. Business credit cards are design to give your business benefits you don’t want to pass. Business credit car....
Wining the Business game
Ho, I love talking about winners and losers in: using credit cards for business only; it is a very silent business subject. Do you know why? Because most business winners are keeping silent, they si....
The Credit Crunch and You
As the time goes by, we have seen no concrete solution for the credit crises in the US. At the same time people need to live, and consume the most necessity in order to survive the current credit cr....
Using credit cards is a privilege
While some so called: “Credit advisors” recommend consumers to cut their credit cards, and closed their accounts for good, I simply don’t get it. To me, this kind of advice looks st....
Small business finance
If you are an ordinary person working hard to earn money, and if you like to become rich you need to change your way of thinking. By that I mean working hard to make money is not the right approach t....
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